Japanese Student’s Kind Act Saves Little Girl From Horrible Child Abuse

Japanese Student’s Kind Act Saves Little Girl From Horrible Child Abuse
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July 14, 2017
An ordinary Japanese student displayed extraordinary character when he went out of his way to offer his help to a complete stranger.
According to AsianCrush, 19-year-old Japanese student Yuto Morita chanced upon a teenage girl who looked in need of help on a relentlessly rainy day.
The Kwansei Gakuin University student was on his way home after his classes had ended. Upon exiting the train station, Morita noticed a 12-year-old girl shielding herself from the harsh stormy weather by stationing in a nearby store.
Morita offered to walk the young girl home while shielding her under his umbrella, but the little girl had no intention of going back to her home at all.
The 12-year-old followed Morita just as he was about to turn and head back home, which left the Japanese university student no other choice but to take her back to his own home. Morita eventually asked a female classmate to help him in his dilemma, and they eventually found out that the young girl is a child abuse victim.
The young girl revealed that her father would hit her to a point where she had to wear a surgical mask until her wounds healed. Both Morita and his friend eventually made the child comfortable enough to allow them to take her to the nearest police station.
Morita’s random act of kindness had saved the 12-year-old girl from a life of abuse, fear and turmoil. The young girl’s life is now in the protective hands of the Hyogo Prefecture police station.
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The 19-year-old’s bravery and act of mercy earned him a letter of appreciation from the Takarazuka Police Department. What makes Morita’s situation more favorable to him is that he himself actually aspires to become a police officer one day. Considering the way Morita successfully handled the young girl’s troubling situation, this university student is certainly heading towards the right direction.
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