Japanese Student Becomes the World’s Fastest Finger Snapper

Japanese Student Becomes the World’s Fastest Finger SnapperJapanese Student Becomes the World’s Fastest Finger Snapper
The Guinness World Records holds no limits or judgments to anyone who want to be a record holder.
Just like the case Japanese student named Satoyuki Fujimira who wants to officially be the “World’s Fastest Finger Snapper.” He challenged current record holder and In order to snatch the title, he needs to make more than 278 snaps in 60 seconds.
The challenge sounds simple right off the bat but it’s actually quite daunting, especially judging from Satoyuki’s face while he tried to exceed the current world record made by Swede Jens Gudmansen.
According to the Guinness World Record website, the university student accomplished the challenged in front of judge Kaoru Ishikawa. Triumphantly, Satoyuki was actually able to beat the 8-year standing record made by Jens.
But this isn’t the first tile Satoyuki attempted to break the record. The student appeared in a TV program last year and exceeded Jens finger span counts, but it wasn’t made official because no Guinness judge was present.
Rocket News 24 said that determined Japanese student took the stage once again at “Tante! Knightscoop” where he managed to make 296 snaps in one minute. In order to make sure that the count is right, the judge watched Satoyuki’s video in slow motion and had the help of sound engineers to make the final total of audible clicks.
Satoyuki revealed that he was able to learn the secrets of finger snapping from his mother. Since then, he has continually practiced and honed the skill in order to become a world record holder.
Quite a weird but, nonetheless, impressive feat for this young rapid finger-snapper.
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