Japanese Man is the ‘Lebron James’ of Stone Skipping

Japanese Man is the ‘Lebron James’ of Stone SkippingJapanese Man is the ‘Lebron James’ of Stone Skipping
Meet Keisuke Hashimoto, a Japanese man who is regarded by fans online as the “Lebron James of Stone Skipping” after winning the World Stone Skimming Championships in Scotland.
Stone skimming, or stone skipping, is the act of throwing a flat stone across the water — usually in a sidearm fashion — to make it bounce off the surface as many times as possible.
Hashimoto currently holds the title of world champion in the men’s division after taking home the trophy from reigning champion Dougie Isaacs, who won seven championships over the past 12 years, the Sunday Post reported. Watch his amazing skill below starting at the 2:32 mark:
The Japanese stone skimmer managed to throw his winning rock at a distance of 169 meters (554 feet), much farther than Issacs’ 158 meters (518 feet) at a competition late last year, according to the results posted on World Stone Skimming Championships.
Watch Hashimoto’s first round throw below, and be amazed by the oddly satisfying art.
Feature Image via YouTube / JollHoll
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