Japanese Starbucks Worker Leaves The Most Adorable Note on Korean Tourist’s Cup

A Starbucks barista in Kamakura, Japan has won netizens’ hearts after she wrote a cute message on a Korean tourist’s coffee cup.

On October 5, a Korean tourist posted a photo of the coffee cup online and talked about her positive experience in Japan. The message, written in Korean translates to: “Kamakura <3” and “Hope you have a fun trip” and includes a drawing of a cat.

“I stopped by Starbucks on October 4 while I was traveling…The baristas asked me if I was Korean, and we started to talk.” the tourist wrote.

The barista knew a little bit of Korean from a friend and ended up exchanging words with the tourist. After the tourist left the store, she didn’t notice the barista’s message until much later — but it warmed her heart.

The tourists experience contrasts with the recent “wasabi terror” incidents where a restaurant chain has been allegedly pranking foreign tourists by hiding insane amounts of wasabi in their sushi. Some have allegedly been called racial slurs.

“While I was still traveling, I learned about the wasabi terror incidents and became frightened that something like that would happen to me, too…However, we must remember that there are bad people, but there are more people who are kind — like the barista at Starbucks.” the tourist added.

h/t: AllKPop via Insight, Feature image via YouTube

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