Japanese Snow Monkey Tries to Have Sex With a Deer, Baffles Scientists

Japanese Snow Monkey Tries to Have Sex With a Deer, Baffles Scientists
Carl Samson
January 11, 2017
A bizarre moment in the animal kingdom was captured on camera for the very first time, leaving researchers scrambling for answers.
That is, a monkey tried to have sex with a deer in southern Japan.
The unusual encounter, filmed by Alexandre Bonnefoy, took place in the island of Yakushima on November 6, 2015.
It was the breeding season of macaques, but apparently, one did not want any more of its kind and set its eyes on another species: a sika deer.
As seen in the footage, the male Japanese snow monkey jumped on the female deer’s back before helping himself. Bonnefoy explained his observation:
“The male mounted the deer and displayed some copulation behaviors, which included about 15 sexual movements over a period of 10 seconds, before dismounting. Ejaculation seemed to have occurred as the deer licked the seminal liquid after the mount. This might indicate that the sperm could be a good source of protein to the deer.”
Bonnefoy, together with other researchers, managed to pull off an entire paper out of the incident. It was titled “Interspecies Sexual Behaviour Between a Male Japanese Macaque and Female Sika Deer” and published in the journal Primates this week.
The footage was posted Monday by study co-author Cédric Sueur on YouTube. So far, it had over a million views. Netizens expressed their thoughts on the sight:
“Still a better love story than Twilight.”
“And this is how humans started riding horses.”
“If you’re horny and you know it jump a deer….”
See it for yourself:
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