Japanese Salaryman Who Gives Zero F—ks Getting Shoved Into Packed Train is My Spirit Animal

Japanese Salaryman Who Gives Zero F—ks Getting Shoved Into Packed Train is My Spirit Animal
Ryan General
December 23, 2016
A Japanese businessman, clearly hardened by years of his rough daily commute, has displayed an impeccable sense of calm while he was being shoved into a packed train.
Caught by photographer Marco Patella, the cool Tokyo passenger seemed oblivious of his surroundings as he stood at the train door’s entrance, reported RocketNews24. His facial expression didn’t even change as three station attendants began shoving passengers to pack them like sardines inside the train. The calmness exhibited by the gentleman in this video is a wonder to behold:
To exhibit such coolness is rarely seen in such situation, especially if one is dealing with commuter trains in Japan during rush hour. Notorious for cramming as many humans as possible into a single carriage, Japan’s train systems are by no means a very pleasant way to travel.
Patella’s video was recorded at Shakuji Koen Station, Nerima, Tokyo and is a major transportation hub for the students and employees in the city center.
In the clip, the man devoid of expression was shown checking his smartphone, without any care of the ruckus going on behind him. A woman next to him, who was trying to secure her spot, was already almost crying at that point.
The train was so jam-packed that its doors could barely shut. As if on cue, station workers began coming over to push everybody in.
The overly calm man puts away his phone, raises his arm to make it easier for him to fit in and snugged himself tightly with the rest of the passengers. The budging of the three attendants to push him inside did not bother him the slightest, and he kept his dry, emotionless expression intact as the doors finally closed.  
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