Japanese Rock Star Marries Avril Lavigne’s Little Sister

Japanese Rock Star Marries Avril Lavigne’s Little SisterJapanese Rock Star Marries Avril Lavigne’s Little Sister
Ryan General
February 23, 2017
Japanese rockstar bassist Ryota Kohama from the popular band One OK Rock recently announced that he has already tied the knot this month during a concert at Japan’s Shizuoka Ecopa Arena.
“I got married this month! Her name is Michelle! I’m pleased to announce that we’re husband and wife,” Ryota revealed at a dramatic moment during the opening of their concert on February 18.
Although he did not specify who exactly his bride is, the internet was abuzz with speculation.
A couple of days later, Ryota then shared a photo of himself and his bride on Instagram, with the message “I am so happy because I got married with Michelle!! She is so amazing.”

I am so happy because I got married with Michelle!!She is so amazing😎❤️

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The same image was then shared later by Avril Lavigne on her Instagram account, reported RocketNews24. It turns out, the woman Ryota married earlier this year was actually Avril Lavigne’s younger sister. Avril’s and the band’s fans responded positively over the confirmation.
According to Arama Japan, the Canadian pop star also posted her own greetings on her Twitter account on Tuesday:
“Congrats to my little sister Michelle and Ryota on their marriage! Wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world! ❤ #family #love”
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Lavigne is known for her fondness of Japan and its culture. When One OK Rock released their latest album, Ambitions, in the U.S., Lavigne was even featured on of the tracks called “Listen”.
As musicians, Avril and One OK Rock have met several times in the past. The first time was when they both appeared on the same Japanese music TV show in 2013. They would later cross paths again when the band was performed in Canada in last year during their North American tour.
Michelle’s Instagram account is now updated to her new legal name as Michelle Kohama.
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