Japanese Robot 3D-Prints Edible 8-Bit Sushi

Japanese Robot 3D-Prints Edible 8-Bit SushiJapanese Robot 3D-Prints Edible 8-Bit Sushi
A Japanese startup recently unveiled a robot that can 3D-print delicious-looking sushi out of an edible type of gel.
3d sushi
The 3D-printing prowess of the futuristic chef created by firm Open Meals was showcased at the SXSW trade show, according to Mashable.
3d sushi
While looking like something out of Minecraft for its 8-bit style aesthetics, the sushi produced by the high-tech machine called the “Pixel Food Printer” is, in fact, edible.
3d sushi
The gel is reportedly injected with colors and flavors that imitate the textures and tastes of the actual food it is mimicking.
3d sushi
To “create” food, it uses a digital food platform called “Food Base” where exact measurements (flavor, shape, color, nutrients, and texture) of different kinds of foods are stored. In future iterations, Food Base will be the destination where people can search, download, and upload food data.
3d sushi
After configuration, the custom-built robotic arm of the Pixel Food Printer then produces tiny flavor-injected pixel cubes which are carefully assembled into the chosen type of dish.
The company reveals that they plan on improving the technology to reduce the size of each “food pixel” so that future printed meals will look identical to the actual food product.
3d sushi
While the taste may still be far from authentic sushi, the finished food products look precisely constructed as outlined by the program and are undeniably awesome-looking.
The company cited future practical uses of their technology, such as being able to teleport dishes from Earth to astronauts living in space or enabling a television cooking show chef to send meals to viewers’ homes.
Images via YouTube / JapanSauce
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