Japanese Restaurant in Canada Put on Blast for Bizarre Height Policy

Japanese Restaurant in Canada Put on Blast for Bizarre Height PolicyJapanese Restaurant in Canada Put on Blast for Bizarre Height Policy
An all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant in Ontario, Canada is in hot water after a customer took to Facebook to complain that her 12-year-old cousin had to pay adult pricing due to her height.
Liz McCarthy recalled the night she and her family members went to Tokyo Maki Sushi restaurant in Brampton.
“We told our waitress that she was 12 and we were asked how many months she is. The waitress was visibly angry making remarks saying if she is over 11 years old and 2 months, it is full price even though the menu says 7-12. She then asked for her ID and when my mom gave it, they all came and wanted to look at it and bring it to the back. After seeing it, they still decided they would decide if she is the ‘height of a 12 year old’ by measuring her in the restaurant,” McCarthy wrote in her post.
“They made her take off her shoes in the middle of the restaurant and stand to measure herself in front of everyone! Please share! This is harassment and they embarrassed us by doing this in front of the entire restaurant for my cousin who is actually 12,” she continued.
McCarthy added her 10-year-old cousin was the same height but was not ID’d or measured by the staff.
Raymond Wang, the manager of Tokyo Maki Sushi, posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page that according to their policy, children are charged based on their height, explaining that “some of the children’s height are taller as adults and sometimes they eat more than an adult.”
Wang went on to write that when he is on duty, the adult price is charged when the child is a bit taller than 60 inches.
Wang also said there was a new waitress working the night McCarthy and her family stopped by.
The waitress was only following restaurant policy, but an experienced staff member later explained and adjusted the price for the customer and the child was not charged the adult price.
He also claims the restaurant never tells customers to take their shoes off to measure their height.
McCarthy replied to Tokyo Maki’s latest post:
Other customers commented on the Facebook post of their experience at the restaurant:
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