A Japanese Restaurant is Serving Mysterious Bowls of Beautiful Blue Ramen

A Japanese Restaurant is Serving Mysterious Bowls of Beautiful Blue Ramen
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 23, 2017
A ramen shop in Japan is serving a unique dish for its customers: a special bowl of noodles with a mysterious blue broth.
The pastel-colored meal, called the Clear Chicken Soup ‘Blue’, has caught the attention of ramen loving patrons of Kipposhi, a restaurant located near the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Priced at a 900 yen ($8), the visually appetizing meal is made blue by its broth prepared with a special Chinese cooking technique that leaves the liquid cleared of all impurities, RocketNews24 reported. The result is a pristine clear soup with a bluish hue. How the technique exactly does that, however, was not entirely revealed.
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The dish’s bright blue soup is well-complemented in its presentation with some choice toppings of veggies, a salted egg, and specially prepared roasted chicken fillet slices. Also, the noodles partially absorb the color, giving them a totally unique look.
But while the beautiful bowl of ramen may look a bit weird to some, RocketNews24 has described its taste as “surprisingly delicious,” noting that there was no hint that any coloring or additives were used in the dish.
The reporter further complements the soup’s “hearty chicken flavor”, and the noodles’ “fantastic, chewy texture that went well with the salted egg and chicken pieces.”
If you’re in Japan, this blue ramen is definitely worth a try.
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