Japanese Restaurant Server Gets $500 Tip From Woman Dining ALONE on Christmas Eve

Japanese Restaurant Server Gets $500 Tip From Woman Dining ALONE on Christmas Eve
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
December 27, 2017
A Japanese restaurant server in Kaneohe, Hawaii, received a generous tip from a woman who dined all by herself on the afternoon of December 24.
via Hawaii News Now
Seated at a table for four at Ichiriki Japanese Nabe Restaurant, the customer tipped Dimitri Peterson Kaliko a whopping $500 and left a note that said, “Dimitri, your smile turned an otherwise sad day into a much better day! Mele Kalikimaka.”
via Hawaii News Now
Kaliko said that he was shocked at the tip because the woman only registered $21.68 in the bill.
via KITV
Yet the highlight of it all was the note, which apparently made his day, too.
“The most thing that really touched me, though, was when I heard that she left a note,” he told Hawaii News Now. “I actually got to touch someone’s life like that and make someone happy and turn the day around. That was the biggest thing for me.”
via KITV
“When Dimitri received that $500 from that customer, it honestly made me cry, like I literally had to turn around a little bit and tear up, just let it out,” Kohl Smith, assistant manager at the restaurant, told KITV.
“Dimitri is a really awesome person, he’s very sincere, and I wouldn’t doubt that Dimitri gave amazing service to that lady.”
via Hawaii News Now
Kaliko plans to visit his family at their home in Las Vegas in January, so the woman’s tip makes a timely gift. He called it a blessing “that just happened out of nowhere.”
He leaves a message for the thoughtful customer:
“God bless her family, merry Christmas to her, and thank you so much and I’m looking forward to seeing her again.”
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