Japanese Restaurant in Paris Vandalized With ‘Coronavirus’ Graffiti

Japanese Restaurant in Paris Vandalized With ‘Coronavirus’ Graffiti
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 21, 2020
A Japanese restaurant in France was recently vandalized with graffiti that said “coronavirus.” 
Yuki, a restaurant situated on Rue de la Michodière in Paris, was trashed by unknown individuals, reports SoraNews24.
Images uploaded by Twitter user Coach_en_japonais (@Lecoachjp) showed “Coronavirus” graffiti written over the side windows of the establishment. There was also another partly illegible word underneath with an iteration of “virus” next to it.
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In addition to the lines of graffiti drawn along the front of the building, there was also a bucket of paint apparently thrown against the front entrance glass door.
“Asian French, or Japanese, are being targeted for racial discrimination because of the coronavirus!” the French national wrote. “This time a Japanese restaurant has been graffitied! As a French person, this makes me so sad to see.”
The tweet, which was written in Japanese, drew the attention of many Japanese users who expressed their feelings against the untoward attack on the restaurant.
When some of the commenters began throwing racial insults to the French in retaliation, Coach_en_japonais quickly pointed out that saying similar discriminatory statements are also wrong and will only make things worse.
Feature Image via @Lecoachjp
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