Japanese Restaurant Finds the Most Relaxing Way to Serve Food to Customers

An eatery in Japan is gaining popularity for its unique way of distributing dishes to its customers by sending them floating on mini wooden boats.

In place of the revolving Kaitenzushi conveyor belt commonly found in sushi restaurants, meals in the restaurant called “Donguri”, or “Acorn,” are delivered via floating wooden tubs in a stream of flowing water. Instead of sushi, the Japanese restaurant focuses mainly on selling a variety of noodles and various desserts.

To begin the unique Donguri experience, diners must first select their food at the self-service machine. Order tickets are then attached on a little clipboard, placed in a tub and sent floating downstream. When the tub returns later with the order, a white seat marker where the customer is seated lights up. The light will turn off automatically once the tub is emptied.

Located in Numazu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, the establishment successfully  brings centuries-old Japanese customs involving the tradition of receiving food on water, to a modern setting, reported RocketNews24. The unusual food delivery system, which is highlighted with an elegant white table marked with the different cities of Japan, has earned massive love from customers.  

The flowing water undeniably adds to the relaxing ambiance inside the restaurant and customers could not help but share photos and videos of the floating tubs on various social media.

A similar concept is applied in a sushi place in Pasadena, California. The restaurant, aptly named A’Float Sushi, sends out customers’ orders via beautifully designed tubs that are shaped like an actual boat.

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