Japanese ‘Race Queen’ Model With Thousands of Adult Male Fans is Actually Only 13

Japanese ‘Race Queen’ Model With Thousands of Adult Male Fans is Actually Only 13
Ryan General
May 29, 2017
A Japanese race queen, a term for a model at the pit stops of racetracks, became widely popular last year after her photos went viral in Japan.
Her popularity among adult males became quite controversial, however, when it was revealed that Kurita was just an elementary student when she gained fame last year.
According to SoraNews24, when the photos were taken, Kurita was just 12 years old. She remains an active student who takes up ballet, dance, singing, piano, guitar, gymnastics and modeling classes.
But although she ventured into her modeling career early, she still finds time for studying. She says she enjoys what she’s doing, and she has her mother’s full support.
Many have expressed concern that she may be too young for such a career, with some netizens criticizing the industry for employing girls at such a young age. Some criticized her parents for taking away her youth by letting her engage in a provocative profession.
Netizens shared their disapproval, as quoted by SoraNews24:
“What’s so interesting about dressing up a child as an adult? Stop it already.”

“The parents are foolish. You shouldn’t dress up your children like dolls.”

“She’s cute, but dressing up an elementary student as a race queen is just wrong.”

“This is scary.”

“Don’t you dare steal her childhood.”
Despite her critics, Kurita remains motivated with her career and has taken up more projects aside from being a race queen.
Due to her popularity, several brands have signed her up as a talent. She’s also reportedly preparing to audition for Tokyo Girls Audition (TGA), a nationwide talent search for young female performers.
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