Japanese Psychic Ordered to Pay $850,000 to Client She Forced into Sex Work

Japanese Psychic Ordered to Pay $850,000 to Client She Forced into Sex Work
King Malleta
By King Malleta
January 20, 2017
A fortune teller has been ordered to pay a massive amount of money to a female client after she forced her to become a sex worker.
Fortune telling is something you shouldn’t really take seriously as there is no strong basis for such predictions, but while other people do it for fun, a woman from Japan experienced a nightmare after she was brainwashed by her psychic who forced her to do sex work.
The victim was the fortune teller’s client since 2008 that relied on her “readings” and depended on her advice. In the police report, the psychic allegedly made the poor woman believe that she owes her money and in order to pay her debt, she needed to do sex work.
The sinister clairvoyant convinced her client to live in an apartment she owned and ordered her to pay rent and other bills through prostitution. The victim moved to the apartment in 2011 and worked as aprostitute until 2013.
The fortune teller pocketed all of her earnings that totaled up to around $840,000, but only left the woman $1 to spend a day.
According to AsiaOne, the Tokyo District court has ordered the fortune teller to pay $850,000 in damages to the woman she fooled into prostitution.
“The fortune teller fuelled the woman’s fears by leading her to believe that she owed her a lot of money,” said presiding Judge Sotaro Tomuro.
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