Japanese Protestors Want to Stop Valentine’s Day Because it Hurts Their Feelings

Japanese Protestors Want to Stop Valentine’s Day Because it Hurts Their Feelings

February 14, 2017
As the rest of the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, a group of protesters from Japan aims to put a stop on this annual display of love because it hurts their feelings.
Valentine’s Day is a much-awaited event especially for lovers, but not everyone shares the same opinion. For instance, members of a Japanese group called “Kakuhido”, or “The Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women Find Unattractive”, strongly oppose the celebration of Valentine’s Day.
According to these men, Valentine’s Day hurts their feelings – which is probably how they got their group name from the beginning.
Hong Kong’s The Standard reported that the group of party-poopers marched in Tokyo holding their banners that said, “Smash Valentine’s Day!”
“Our aim is to crush this love capitalism. People like us who don’t seek value in love are being oppressed. Cuddling in public makes us feel bad. It’s unforgivable,” said group member Takayuki Akimoto.
These grumpy protesters wanted to stop the commercialism that surrounds the celebration of Valentine’s Day, which makes sense because it is indeed a time when business sales skyrocket. However, did they really mean it when they chanted “public smooching is terrorism”?
In addition, The Star Malaysia reported that one member, Takayuki, poured out his own personal sentiments. He said that by celebrating Valentine’s Day, men like him are being “oppressed” by society.
“It’s a conspiracy by people who think unattractive guys are inferior, or losers – like cuddling in public, it makes us feel bad. It’s unforgivable,” he added.
The group believes that after ten years, their protests and their message is starting to seep through to the people. Takayuki said that their group is making radical changes with reports of “more people spending Christmas alone or growing tired of Valentine’s Day.”
Kakuhido also protests against White Day and Christmas Day and plans to add Halloween to their list.
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