Japanese Politicians Are Wearing Pregnant Suits to Inspire Men to Help Their Wives More

Male Japanese politicians sported baby bumps for an eye-opening video to inspire fellow guys need to help more with the household chores.
In a society where women take the task of housework five times more than their husbands, three governors have set out to drive an important message home by wearing “pregnancy” vests in a video campaign called “The Governor is a Pregnant Woman.”
The initiative was a creation of Kyushu Yamaguchi Work Life Promotion Campaign in an effort to encourage Japanese men to have a better work-life balance and gain some free time to help out their wives at home.
In the video uploaded on Tuesday, the governors of southwestern prefectures each wore a 7.3 kg (16 pound) vest, simulating a pregnant woman who is seven months in.
According to the clip, Japanese men aren’t really known to be cooperative at home. A 2014 OECD survey revealed that husbands in Japan only do one hour of chores a day compared to five hours for their wives, Reuters reported.
The Japanese politicians were shown doing some chores at home, at times having difficulty, but carrying on with the tasks at hand. In the end, the governors realized how difficult it has been for the women to undergo such tasks on a daily basis.
“I really didn’t understand,” admitted one of the participants, Yamaguchi governor Tsugumasa Muraoka. “Now that I understand what my wife put up with for so many months, I’m full of gratitude.”
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