Japanese Police Capture Man Who Secretly Lived in Old Woman’s Home For 5 Months

Japanese Police Capture Man Who Secretly Lived in Old Woman’s Home For 5 MonthsJapanese Police Capture Man Who Secretly Lived in Old Woman’s Home For 5 Months
Japanese authorities recently arrested a 20-year-old man for living inside an old woman’s house undetected for about five months.
The sneaky unwanted guest was only discovered after the son of the 90-year-old homeowner visited his mom.
According to local reports, the son was cooking a meal for his mother at her residence in Himeji city in Hyogo Prefecture when he noticed a strange sound coming from the home’s second floor. Upstairs, he found an unfamiliar person sleeping on a couch. He immediately summoned the local police by calling the emergency number 110.

The unnamed young man was soon awoken by cops who arrested and brought him to the station. During interrogation, the man was reportedly uncooperative and refused to reveal his name and other personal details.

However, investigators have uncovered that the man began settling in the old woman’s home on 12 December at around 7:20 in the morning.
The creepy squatter, who even left his shoes at the front entrance when he first entered, remained undetected for almost half a year because the mother never went up to the second floor.
According to Soranews24, Japanese netizens have expressed shock and disgust over the incident.
“He probably went down and stole her food while she slept, just like a cockroach,” a netizen said.
“That’s both ridiculous and bone-chilling at the same time,” a commenter wrote.
“I’m pretty worried about the woman if she didn’t notice this guy,” another one pointed out,

“Every night she went to sleep with someone else and she didn’t even know it. Gyagh!” wrote another.

“At least they caught him before something bad happened,” a relieve commenter wrote. “In a situation like that, it seems almost certain something bad would have happened.”
While the man’s motives remain unknown, the problem of homelessness in Japan due to rising housing costs hints a possibility that he had nowhere else to live.
The man was only charged with trespassing for now as the police continue to investigate the case.
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