Japanese Man Flexes Collection of 31 Pokémon Cards Worth $70,000 on TV

Japanese Man Flexes Collection of 31 Pokémon Cards Worth $70,000 on TVJapanese Man Flexes Collection of 31 Pokémon Cards Worth $70,000 on TV
Carl Samson
April 15, 2019
A Japanese man who collected a set of Pokémon cards over the years was thrilled to find out that it was worth six times more than he had expected.
On the April 9 episode of “Kaiun! Nandemo Kantei-dan” (“Good Fortune! The Group That Prices Anything”), Yoshiharu Takahashi showed up with his collection of 31 cards, which he estimated to be worth 1.2 million yen ($10,715).
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Before revealing the collection’s actual worth, the show explains that many of the cards are rare promos only awarded to winners of certain tournaments.
For context, Takahashi possesses four of the 34 Kanghaskhan cards in existence, which were given as prizes in a parent-child tournament in May 1998, according to Anime News Network.
It is unclear how Takahashi acquired each of the 31 cards.
Moments later, the show reveals the actual worth of his collection: a staggering 7.685 million yen ($68,600)!
The amount comes from professional appraiser Yuya Sato, who was also present in the show.
According to Sato, each of Takahashi’s Kanghaskhan cards — the rarest in the collection — cost 1.2 million yen ($10,715).
Another rare card is the Lucky Stadium (Beach Version), worth 1 million yen ($8,930), which was given to players who advanced into the qualifying rounds of a tournament in Hawaii.
Takahashi’s collection also included Victory Orb/Victory Ring, Porygon/Eevee/Trainer Certification, No. 2 Trainer/No. 1 Trainer and Shining Charizard cards.
The collection’s price tag has since drawn reactions across Japanese social media platforms, with many admitting that they had no idea just how costly such cards can be.
“Pokémon cards cost this much?!”
“Apparently they’re more valuable than many antiques.”
“Who would’ve expected the Garura (Kangaskhan) to be 1.2 million yen LOL”
“Those who admire old things with history have really nothing to do with new things.”
“I just have to say that those who are mad about this simply have no idea of their value. Those who have no interest will only find it hard to understand.” 
Images via TV Tokyo
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