Phone Case with ‘Girlfriend Hand’ is Perfect for Everyone Who Needs Affection

phone case

Hamee, a Japanese cell phone accessories company, has released a phone case that imitates the act of holding a woman’s hand.

The iPhone case, which Hamee calls “Nami’s Hand,” is said to be modeled after a real woman’s hand with realsitc details including the white on the nails and palm lines, according to Grapee.

This product may appeal to those in a long-distance relationship.

As for its weight, the report noted that Nami’s Hand weighs about the same as an apple, so it should be light to hold.

Aside from giving you a hand when using your phone, this iPhone case also works as a holder for your earphones or a stand when you are charging your phone.

For the more eccentric tastes, you can also have dinner with Nami’s Hand as if you were sharing a meal with Thing from “The Addams Family.”

Hamee’s Nami’s Hand is available for 10,000 Japanese yen ($93) at Rakuten.

Images via Rakuten

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