Why Japanese People Are Sticking Their McDonald’s Burgers on Top of Their Drinks

A crazy new food trend is taking the internet by storm, one that merges two fast food favorites into one. Hamburgers and soft drinks are one of the most popular fast food combinations in the world.

While both food items are usually enjoyed separately in a meal, nobody ever thought about merging the two into one, until now that is. A food trend in Japan has the whole internet befuddled as numerous Twitter users are placing their McDonald’s cheeseburgers on top of their soft drinks.

Despite how bizarre-looking the burger-soft drink combination seems, other netizens are already taking inspiration from it. According to SoraNews24, netizens are adapting the meal-to-soft drink combo to other food items, albeit with a sugary twist.

Other users are now placing donuts on top of their coffee in lieu of hamburgers and softdrinks. The strange culinary phenomenon has netizens asking why and how the trend started in the first place.

One Twitter user comments on how “dirty” the food trend looks and how it’s making him lose his appetite. Others described the fad as “kinda gross” while another social media user reacted saying “please put a stop to this madness.”

Though not all recent culinary trends sound or look as unappetizing as the burger-softdrink combo. According to NDTV, the newest food trend in Delhi is called ice-cream tacos. Unlike the recent Japanese food trend, ice-cream tacos actually look scrumptious. This new culinary delight utilizes taco-shaped cones and fills it with ice-cream along with various savory treats such as nuts, fruits, candies and more.

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As strange as the combination of ice-cream and tacos sound, the only thing that is unusual in this dish is its name. With that said, culinary trends are always known for being innovative, let’s just hope the next one doesn’t involve questionable hygiene such as placing burgers on top of plastic cups.

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