Japanese Trend Reveals What the Length of Your Fingers Says About Your Dating Life

Japanese Trend Reveals What the Length of Your Fingers Says About Your Dating LifeJapanese Trend Reveals What the Length of Your Fingers Says About Your Dating Life
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June 27, 2016
Want to know whether someone is going to pursue you for love or play hard to get? According to a new Japanese trend, the secret is all in your your fingers.
Years ago, scientists discovered that the length of your ring and index is linked to testosterone levels. Those with a longer ring finger compared to their index finger likely saw more testosterone in the womb. Now, Japanese social media users have taken it a step further and came up with the notion that finger length also reveals details about your personality and how you court lovers.
According to RocketNews24, the Japanese separate romantic styles by two categories: nikushokukei, or “the pursuers” or meat eaters, and soushokukei, “the pursued” or vegetarians. Nikushokukei are typically more assertive and persistent when courting a mate (think Pepé Le Pew from Looney Toons), while soushokukei typically like to sit back and wait for something to happen.

If your ring finger is longer

Those whose ring finger is longer than their index finger are probably nikushokukei types. This means that not only are they assertive when it comes to love, but work as well. They feel the need to constantly be doing something and tend to be pragmatic when solving problems. However, their assertiveness also means they get angry easily.

If your index finger is longer

Those whose index ringer is longer than their ring finger are known as a soushokukei type. Soushokukeis like waiting to be approached and enjoying relaxing instead of eagerly pursuing a goal. They also are more sensitive. So men with soushokukei tendencies are seen as more feminine.

If both fingers are the same length

Those with both fingers the same length are knows as Zasshokukei. They’re free spirits that like to party, be social and hang out with friends. However, they’re also very protective of their freedom. They’re quick to find solutions to their problems, but when their friends or partners have issues, they don’t like to involve themselves. Strangely, the original source doesn’t say anything about the romantic type Zasshokukeis are. Perhaps they go both ways?
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