Japanese Moms Just Started the Most Adorable Trend on Instagram

One Japanese mom’s creative entry to a photo contest has launched an eerie trend on Instagram of people posting hundreds of peach butts, pictures of babies with butts replaced with peaches.


The mom who started the trend, snapped a pic of her baby’s peach butt as an entry for a contest held by Japanese photography company Kodomono Photo under the theme: “memorable photos of children,” according to The Daily Dot.


Other users then followed suit with their own versions of the kawaii idea and now peach-butt babies are all over Japanese Instagram. Check out the 桃尻 hashtag (Japanese for peach butt) and be bombarded with the unexplained cuteness of peach butts.

Since the Japanese has always seen the peach to physically resemble a person’s behind, the trending photo is just a fitting, and undeniably adorable, testament to this long-treasured belief. Thanks to emojis, of course, the rest of us can easily relate.




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