Climbers shocked to see dedicated delivery worker carrying pizza boxes up Mount Fuji

japanese hiker dresses up
  • A Japanese office worker dressed up as a Domino’s Pizza delivery man and climbed for roughly six hours to the top of Mount Fuji.
  • The man began his journey at 7:38 a.m. on Saturday and finished at 1:27 p.m.
  • Using his delivery bag, the man carried various equipment and necessities up the mountain.
  • He has previously dressed up in the delivery outfits of several companies, including UberEats, Demae-Can and Pizza-La.

Hikers were shocked to see a pizza delivery worker during their climb up Mount Fuji.

A Twitter user shared a photo on Saturday of a supposed Domino’s Pizza delivery person carrying a thermal bag on his back as he casually explored Mount Fuji in Japan. 

“I climbed Mt. Fuji yesterday and there were people ordering Domino’s pizza,” the user wrote. 

The supposed delivery man, however, turned out to be an office worker who enjoys hiking while dressed in various delivery uniforms. The man, Umanami Futoshi, regularly dresses up in delivery uniforms while carrying delivery bags filled with various equipment and necessities for his hike.

Umanami has previously worn a variety of uniforms on hikes, including those of UberEats, Demae-Can (a Japanese delivery service) and Pizza-La, Japan’s second highest-grossing pizza chain after Domino’s Pizza.

On Yamap, a Japanese outdoor adventure social media platform, Umanami stated in his profile that he likes to “deliver ‘surprise’ and ‘smiles’ to the summit.” Umanami shares his activity data from his hikes on the platform, which include the time and distance he hiked as well as a map and timeline highlighting the exact routes and stops he took. 

Umanami also uploads photos from the hikes he takes while in  uniform. In one photo, he pretends to hand a Domino’s pizza box to a hiker.

The avid hiker explained that he first started wearing delivery uniforms when he received a thermal delivery bag from UberEats roughly a year ago. He then came up with the idea of dressing up as a delivery man on hikes as he thought it would be “interesting,” reported Asahi TV. 

Umanami added that the support he has received has encouraged him and made him a better climber. 


Feature Image via Highsnobiety

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