Japanese Netizens Found the Solar Eclipse ‘Sexy’ and We’re Concerned

Japanese Netizens Found the Solar Eclipse ‘Sexy’ and We’re Concerned
Carl Samson
August 29, 2017
Last week’s solar eclipse was a beautiful sight to behold, and such a heavenly phenomenon is always a must-see, not only for its rarity but also the opportunity it gives for people to unite, at least in thinking.
A collective of Japanese Twitter users, for instance, saw more out of the celestial beauty.
It all started with a NASA image retweeted by user @inaniwan, which easily aroused other netizens thanks to his perverted imagination.
According to SoraNews24@inaniwan tweeted:
“NASA released this image of the eclipse, but the more I look at it, the more it’s starting to look like a strip of thigh bulging out between some hot pants and knee-high black socks.”
@inaniwan’s interpretation was an instant hit, attracting at least 48,000 likes and 43,000 retweets.
The whole thing became more detailed, however, as other netizens added extra visual cues.
One doubled the original image to produce a pair of legs:
Others then saw it as an upskirt shot, which means they were looking at panties:
Another stuck to the original image and mapped out a one-piece bathing suit going with knee-high socks:
Finally, someone zoomed out to see a bigger picture:
Guess you can’t say they’re not creative…who would ever think of eclipses as sexy?
Perhaps we can all leave it to Japanese Twitter users, who can always help stretch the limits of our imagination.
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