Japanese Movie-Goer Has a Genius Lifehack for Curing Backaches

Japanese Movie-Goer Has a Genius Lifehack for Curing BackachesJapanese Movie-Goer Has a Genius Lifehack for Curing Backaches
A Japanese movie buff has shared a simple yet effective hack to avoid that “complimentary” backache one usually gets from sitting in a movie theater chair for an extended period of time.
As a regular moviegoer, Twitter user @itiitiY found it frustrating to have to endure pain in her back after enjoying a film.
So to improve her movie-going experience, she sought the advice of a chiropractor from Arrowhead Clinic who gave her a tip on using a blanket to relieve her from her pains, reported RocketNews24.
Blankets, a staple in most Japanese cinemas, are lent for free to customers who prefer staying warm inside the air-conditioned theater.
According to @itiitiY, her chiropractor advised her that these blankets can make an effective back support during a film viewing.
In a tweet, she shared a helpful illustration on how to use the cinema blanket to prevent that annoying backache.
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First, she folded the blanket over a number of times until it achieved a little thickness.
Next, she took the resulting folds and let the thickened blanket stand on end behind the back and against the seat.
@itiitiY says that leaning against the blanket cushion will allow for a more comfortable viewing experience.
She further advised on avoiding slouching and keeping the butt pressed against the towel in a way that ensures proper posture. This will help prevent from giving the lower back some extra strain. She then added that such technique may not be limited to watching movies and pointed out that it can also be just as effective in solving backache problems in most situations that required long hours of sitting.
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