Why Some Japanese Moms Eat Cup Ramen Even After Making Dinner for the Whole Family

Why Some Japanese Moms Eat Cup Ramen Even After Making Dinner for the Whole FamilyWhy Some Japanese Moms Eat Cup Ramen Even After Making Dinner for the Whole Family
Ryan General
June 22, 2018
A young Japanese mom recently shared a realization she had about her own mother on Twitter which moms across the country found to be so relatable.  
Housewife Ranran, known as @a_i_ee_85 on Twitter, wrote in her tweet that she finally realized why her mother would sometimes prefer eating ramen instead of the dinner she prepared.
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“Years ago, just every once in a while, my mother would cook all of us dinner, but make cup ramen for herself. ‘There are some days I don’t want to eat my own cooking,’ she’d say, and I would be like ‘???’. But now that I am a housewife, I completely understand those feelings. There are definitely some days when I really don’t want to eat what I cook, and cup ramen sounds so good.” Ranran wrote as translated by SoraNews24.
Ranran’s post turned out to be so relatable to many housewives that it sparked its own mini #MeToo movement in the comments:
“That’s so true!” one mom said.
“Excuse me, nice to meet you! I so related to this tweet so I just had to comment. Cup ramen is where it’s at!” Another chimed in.
“When you’re cooking every day, you get really tired of the flavors, don’t you? Maybe we just have to change it up or something,” commented a mother.
“I understand this so well,” wrote one.
“It’s like this every day for me! I try my best to cook dinner, but in the end, I don’t want to eat it. I’m so glad that other people feel this way too,” a housewife wrote.
“OMG, I so get it! It comes pretty regularly, this ‘I don’t want to eat my own cooking’ syndrome! I never understood it but it definitely happens,” shared another mom.
However, sometimes the reason is more of a sacrifice than a preference as one netizen revealed:
“On a different vein, my mother, when she realized we didn’t have enough rice for everyone, would make cup ramen for herself, saying, ‘Sometimes you just want to eat cup noodles, right?’ You only realize how much kindness parents have when you become one.”
One husband, upon reading the thread, made a realization of his own: “I sometimes see my wife complaining on Twitter and think, ‘She has it really hard’, but after reading all of your stories, I also really think that women are more able to sense happiness. It’s what makes them great mothers. My wife says she loves to make dinner for the family, but she thinks it’s boring to just cook for herself. That’s why when she’s by herself she often eats bentos!”
While the ultimate reasons may be varied, considering that something so seemingly peculiar could turn out to be so common and relatable is quite fascinating.
Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons / Dominik Schwind (CC BY 2.0)
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