Japanese Mom, Internet Freaks Out Over ‘Levitating’ Baby

Japanese Mom, Internet Freaks Out Over ‘Levitating’ BabyJapanese Mom, Internet Freaks Out Over ‘Levitating’ Baby
A Japanese mom recently had the shock of her life when her eyes played a trick on her thinking that her son had the power to levitate only to immediately realize that it was just an illusion.
The mother, who goes by the name of @nodowoyaku on Twitter, was greeted by her adorable toddler son with his grandmother after a grueling night shift at work. However, she noticed that something is not right with her son as he was seemingly floating.
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At first glance, you’ll definitely see where she is coming from. It’s like the boy has no legs and is just casually floating in mid-air.
After pondering if she had somehow damaged her eyes for staring at a computer for hours, she came to her senses and realized that her son’s pair of black-and-white trousers blended almost perfectly with the gravel road.
The tweet, which was first posted on March 4, has attracted more than 120,000 likes and was shared over 67,000 times.
Even after this encounter, the woman admitted that she’s still falling for the camouflaged trousers every time she sees it, Daily Mail reported.
The illusion definitely reminds some that makeup too can fool people with optical illusions. Take this former teacher, for example, who creates mind blowing art using only her cosmetic kit.
Featured image via Twitter / @nodowoyaku
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