Magical Machine Blows Any Ordinary Rice Cooker Out of the Water

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any weirder, a video of a “strange rice cooker” is going viral for what it makes out of rice. Of course, this isn’t just any machine, it’s actually a mochi maker!

The video, which was first published by a Japanese YouTube channel in December 2018, has gone massively viral on Facebook with over 37 million views and possibly counting when the page, Taste Life, re-posted it in April.

In the clip, the person in the video can be seen preparing rice to be cooked and eventually kneaded into a dough, also known as mochi. Surprisingly, the process looks very satisfying to watch.

What got everyone curious is the fact that even with the twists and turns that the machine does to make the sticky dough, it still doesn’t shoot off from the machine and splatter onto the walls.

At the end of the video, the person in the clip proceeds to make a lot of wonderful desserts out of the mochi, and they all look delish!

In case you are wondering what the original video looks like, you can go watch it below.


Featured image screenshot via YouTube / おもしろ雑貨コレクター

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