Tokyo Middle Schools Are Forcing Students to Wear White Underwear

Tokyo Middle Schools Are Forcing Students to Wear White Underwear
Editorial Staff
October 27, 2016
Several Tokyo middle schools managed to shock a municipal assemblyman when he discovered an odd little rule regarding the student dress code: All students must wear white underwear.
Tokyo municipal assemblyman Atsuko Kaizu, who represents the Bunkyo Ward, called out a local middle school in his district, whose name has been omitted, for the bizarre rule in their student handbook.
Under the section on dress code policy, the handbook states:
“Being mindful of hygiene, always wear (white) underwear. Do not wear underwear with colors or prints.”
While Kaizu believes the rule is a bit invasive to the private lives and habits of students, he did offer the explanation that perhaps the rule isn’t so much meant for underwear briefs, but for the case that since female students are required to wear white tops, wearing a white bra underneath would prevent their underwear from showing. Kaizu also added:
“There’s no need to go so far as to make that mandatory under the school rules, is there?”
Assemblyman Kaizu later foudn out that of the 10 middle schools in his ward, six of them had rules that specified students, both male and female, wear white or beige underwear.
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