33% of Japanese Men in Survey Prefer Sitting Down While Peeing

33% of Japanese Men in Survey Prefer Sitting Down While Peeing
Ryan General
September 11, 2018
About one out of three men in Japan reportedly prefer to sit down when peeing, a recent Japanese survey has revealed.
In a poll conducted by local internet portal Shirabee, 300 male respondents between the ages of 20 and 69 were asked whether they stand or sit when urinating. SoraNews24 reports.
Based on the results, 29.3% overall said they find it more preferable to sit when taking a piss.
When split between age groups, men in their 30s show the biggest preference for the comfy position with 41.5% of them doing so. Meanwhile, 35.4% of men in their 20s also choose to sit when peeing.
The number is significantly lower among older men, with about 28.3% in the 40s age group, 20% in the 60s, and only 18.3% of men in the 50s bracket prefer sitting than standing.
With the research skipping on providing details on why the participants made their particular choices, it remains unclear why younger men are more likely to sit when taking a pee.
A similar study last year, which found 44% of Japanese men prefer sitting down to take a leak, explained that the respondents do so to prevent their urine from spraying all over the floor. A fifth of them said that they were ordered to do so by their families.
It is worth noting that such a preference does have some advantages, according to a 2014 research by the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.
The study found that sitting down while peeing helped men suffering from lower urinary tract disease symptoms to pee with greater force as it creates “a more favorable urodynamic profile.”
The report suggested that standing while peeing activates a host of discreet muscles in the pelvis and spine which prevent proper urination.
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