Why Japanese Men Are Desperately Trying to Cover Their Nipples

Why Japanese Men Are Desperately Trying to Cover Their NipplesWhy Japanese Men Are Desperately Trying to Cover Their Nipples
Carl Samson
June 9, 2017
We’re about halfway into 2017, but Japanese men have already bought more nipple covers than last year’s total sales. What exactly is going on?
Apparently, going nipple-less is the new trend among men in Japan. Dot Store, which sells the highly demanded, ISO-certified nipple covers, have sold at least 55,000 units so far this year!
The sports goods retailer appears to be capitalizing on the fact that 84% of women think it’s disgusting if they can see man’s nipples through his shirt, according to a 2013 Japanese study (via SoraNews24).
Dot Store’s nipple covers, which basically work as patches, are colorless, transparent and water resistant, SoraNews24 noted.
It’s also worth noting that the covers aren’t just for aesthetics, but for health, too. They reportedly prevent joggers’ nipples from chafing, which basically results when their clothing rubs against their nipples, causing abrasion.
Earlier this year, another Japanese company called Seiso Shiro T Production Committee came up with the so-called “ultimate male nipple-concealing technology” through a white t-shirt that allegedly works in all but the most extreme conditions, including intense light and water, according Oddity Central.
If anything, it seems Japanese men are getting more options to hide their nipples — be it through convenient patches or white shirts.
Check out Dot Store’s ad…
…And how to apply the covers:
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