Japanese Men Caught on Camera Harassing Female Korean Tourist

Japanese Men Caught on Camera Harassing Female Korean Tourist
Ryan General
October 19, 2016
A video of Japanese men verbally attacking a Korean tourist has added to an increasing number of seemingly racist incidents against Koreans in Japan.
The video clip shows two Korean women who were recording themselves on a street in Osaka but were suddenly harassed by four Japanese young men, according to AllKPop.
While one of the girls was narrating on camera which hotel they stayed in, a Japanese man came from nowhere and suddenly stood close to them. He then began shouting ethnic insults toward the girls, saying, “She’s speaking Korean. Die, Korea!”
Not wanting to provoke the intruding locals, the tourist walked away and spoke at the camera, “The Japanese guys are saying something about Korea, but I want to ignore him.”
Another man then flashes his middle finger at the girls while cursing at them. He then mockingly told the frightened tourist, “You’re cute. Let’s take a photo together.”
The women then left the place in a hurry to avoid the men who continued to hurl insults and expletives behind them.
“There were 4 of them, and they were all taller. I was scared because they were cursing at me… I was so scared. There was nobody else around,” one of the girls said during an interview.
Observers have been suspecting that the previous hostile actions toward the tourists were racially motivated. The men caught on camera who clearly displayed racist behavior against the Koreans further adds to such belief.
Over the past month, a growing number of cases of maltreatments, harassments, and even attacks against the visiting Koreans in Osaka have been reported and made international headlines.
Recently, a tourist was issued a bus ticket with a written racial slur against Koreans instead of his actual name. A train conductor in Osaka came under fire after he apologized for there being a lot of foreigners on board who may have caused an inconveniences for Japanese passengers.
Another incident involved a restaurant which pranked some Korean tourists by hiding an excessive amount of wasabi in their sushi. Some restaurant employees even hurled racist slurs right in front of the customers’ faces. The restaurant owner later apologized publicly for the untoward incident.
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