Japanese Martial Artists Use Insane Skills to Take ‘Photoshopped Picture’

A lot of netizens probably thought that the memorable photo that Japanese martial artist and Twitter user (@1upcontinue) Shinya Nomura took was photoshopped – it turns out, it wasn’t.

The picture was supposed to be a memorabilia for his friend who is about to move to a far away location, according to his post as translated by SoraNews24.

Nomura, a practitioner of the Okinawan karate known as Taido, a martial art that draws power from momentum produced by the body from twisting and spinning, decided to add a bit of flavor into the snap by posing upside down.

Many netizens immediately jumped the gun that this picture was digitally altered; however, the real process behind it is much more impressive. In the thread, Nomura posted a short slow-motion clip of him doing air flips.

Of course, the amazing physical feat, partnered with a good camera, made the awesome picture possible.

After checking out Nomura’s Twitter, it’s safe to say that a feat like this would look pretty much ordinary for him. Check out some of his post below and find out why:

Featured image via Twitter / 1upcontinue

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