Japanese Man Hits Sleeping Woman’s Head With His Phone on Train

Japanese Man Hits Sleeping Woman’s Head With His Phone on TrainJapanese Man Hits Sleeping Woman’s Head With His Phone on Train
Carl Samson
October 9, 2018
One man in Japan felt the need to hit a woman falling asleep on the train with the bluntest object available at his disposal.
Twitter user @SakuradaPC shared the video of the cruel act on Oct. 3, which quickly drew fury from fellow Japanese netizens.
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In the video, the woman is seen sleeping with her head leaning against the right shoulder of the man.
Seconds later, the man, who was commuting in a business suit and face mask, unzipped his bag, took out his phone, and used it to whack the woman’s head.
Understandably, the woman woke up after the shocking strike.
The video has since gone viral, receiving 4.27 million views, 43,400 likes and 24,700 comments.
Japanese netizens had different things to say about the incident. Many condemned the man’s act, with some urging him to report the matter to police.
“I wonder if he’ll do it if the person who looked scary.”
“I think he used his phone instead of his hand so he may not be accused of chikan.”
“This will be a completely different story if the sexes were switched.”
“I can understand where he’s coming from, but that’s still painful.”
“He should just have woken her up gently.”
When asked why he was recording in the first place, @SakuradaPC revealed that the man had already struck the woman three times, and that’s when he decided to film the fourth assault.
Sleeping on trains is a common sight in Japan and many are so accustomed that they can wake up exactly when they need to get off.
Whether @SakuradaPC plans to submit the video to authorities is unknown, but it’s safe to say that Japanese commuters will be on the lookout.
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