Japanese Man Hilariously Recalls The Day He Was ‘Groped’ on the Train

Japanese Man Hilariously Recalls The Day He Was ‘Groped’ on the Train
Carl Samson
June 19, 2017
The disturbingly commonplace phenomenon of chikan, or groping, is a real problem in Japan. While the act is common, especially in trains, it is only exposed by the few brave women who have started sharing their stories.
The practice, however, does not exclusively victimize females. Men find themselves being touched without their consent at times too, and when they do, we can only wonder what happens next.
One Japanese Twitter user, @happy_harada, vividly recalled his unusual encounter albeit with a twist (via SoraNews24):
“On a crowded train, I could feel someone using some sort of item to touch the lower half of my body. ‘Damn you,’ I thought to myself, ‘My beautiful body may be smooth and slick, like a white dolphin, but don’t you dare think you’ll get away with making it your plaything!'”
And so despite the tight space, @happy_harada turned his back to finally see the face of his groper.
However, to his surprise, what he found was the cutest thing he had seen on that day:
“I turned around, and there was a little foreign boy, playing with a small toy car. Out of his mom’s sight, he was pretending to drive the car up and down my leg…so I closed my eyes and became the highway.”
Needless to say, @happy_harada enjoyed the boy’s short company. It’s not every day when a man becomes a highway, after all.
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