Business as usual: Japanese man climbs Malaysia’s highest mountain in full suit and tie

Business as usual: Japanese man climbs Malaysia’s highest mountain in full suit and tie
via Nobutaka Sada
Ines Shin
March 24, 2023
A Japanese tailor has gone viral on TikTok for climbing Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia in full business attire, complete with dress shoes and a briefcase.
On Wednesday, 49-year-old Nobutaka Sada climbed Malaysia’s tallest peak, 4,095 meters above sea level, in his own brand’s “order suit,” shocking hikers and netizens alike.
In a TikTok video posted by a fellow hiker, Sada can be seen hiking up a narrow trail in his suit alongside other climbers in hiking gear. While other hikers are seen gripping trekking poles, Sada confidently grasps the strap of his messenger bag in one hand as he makes his way up the mountain. 
Sada expressed his desire to promote his brand through his passion for the outdoors. 
Previously, he has gone fishing, skiing, biking and even scuba diving while wearing his brand’s suits. He documents his experiences on video for his YouTube channel, where he regularly posts content.
Following the hike, Sada shared pictures of himself and the stunning view from the top of the mountain on Facebook. He also recounted his experience spending the night in a mountain hut, climbing his way up by starlight and finally reaching the summit in time for the sunrise.
“We climbed an altitude difference of 2,300m in tropical humidity and rain, but SADA’s custom-made suits kept us up to the level of being able to attend a business meeting! SADA’s custom-made suits are safe to climb Mt. Kinabalu,” he said.
While returning to Japan after the hike, he was stopped at the airport by someone who recognized him from a TikTok video in which he was wearing the same suit he was going home in. 
He shared the story on Facebook, mentioning how thrilled he was when he looked up the video afterward.  
Sada’s innovative approach to promoting his brand was praised by many netizens, with some even expressing their interest in his company’s overseas delivery options. 
“This is the real definition of ‘hard work,’” one TikTok user commented, applauding Sada’s dedication to his company. 
“Do you have shop in Malaysia sir?” one Facebook commenter inquired.
“Where can I get that suit?” asked another.
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