These Japanese Kids Have The Most Adorable Relationship With Their Giant Cats


There really is nothing more relaxing than seeing a picture of fluffy animals chilling with kids – and sometimes even sleeping beside them.

Japanese Twitter user @FakeYusha lives in a house with four large cats (8-year-old Somali cat Tuna, 1-year-old Ragdoll Fia, 1-year-old Maine Toyo, and 1-year-old Maine Coon Rai) and three adorable children ages seven, three, and one, according to SoraNews24. Sometimes Yashu tweets adorable moments that the kids have with their cats, and they are just too precious to miss.

The cats are really patient with the kids even when they are playing, the felines just casually sit beside the kid and the toy.

But they are cats, of course they would sometimes have their own kind of fun with the toys.

Cat bellies are not to be mess with. It is one of the feline species’ most vulnerable places, but Yusha’s cats, particularly Toyo, seems to trust the family a lot that he gladly lets them include his belly whenever the children or the whole family are playing.

Not just cards, but he would also allow the children to put blocks on top of his belly and remain still presumably until they are finished playing.

Toyo is very much comfortable exposing his belly to the young ones that he even lets them touch it.

And after all that, the little ones and the furry ones would sometimes enjoy a good nap together – and at times they can be seen cuddling.

While all of this may look cute, it is important to stay vigilant whenever you let your kids near your house pet – no matter how tamed your dogs or cats are with your younger family member.

Featured images via Twitter / FakeYashu

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