Japanese Inventor Creates the Most Disturbing iPhone Charger That Costs $5,600

A Japanese inventor once created an iPhone charger that made a lot of people on the internet shout WTF because of its incredibly disturbing design that looks like a pulsating umbilical chord.

This iPhone charger, which by the way nobody asked for, was designed by the inventor as “social commentary on the growing dependence over smart phones,” according to Mashable.

The charger, called “Grow Cable,” is created by Japanese artist/inventor Iizawa Mio, who also owns the online shop “iimio.” She “specialize in pieces that look and feel realistic” that some people may find “grotesque.”


It’s really hard not to feel disgusted by it considering how it pulsates while the user charges their cellphone. Unfortunately, as awesome as it sounds, not everyone can get their hands on this life-giving charger.

It turns out you will have to fork over around $5,700 to buy this gadget, according to Mio’s Etsy listing. And yes, IT’S THAT EXPENSIVE to own an umbilical chord charger.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Yuna Digick

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