Japanese Idol Tries to Break Roof Tiles With Her Breasts

Japanese Idol Tries to Break Roof Tiles With Her Breasts
Bryan Ke
November 7, 2017
Busty Japanese idol Erina Kamiya, one of the vocalists of the group Kamen Joshi, shows breasts can be powerful, too — sort of
In a recent video posted on YouTube, the idol tries really hard to break roof tiles using only her breasts.
According to SoraNews24, Kamiya’s “breasts of fury” stunt was inspired by the video posted by her fellow idol Nanaka Kawamura, who is a member of Alice Juban.
However, Kamiya admitted that she couldn’t perform the same feat as Kawamura did in her video — breaking 8 out of 10 roof tiles with a single punch, a practice known among martial artists in Japan as kawara wari. So instead, she relied on her G-cup bust to break the curved Japanese roof tiles, also known as kawara.
Kamiya tried everything from transferring the stands holding up the tiles from a table onto the floor as well as expanding the gap between the stands. She also made sure to hit the surface of the plates using both her breasts at the same time. Sadly, her attempts were nothing but a total failure.
Obviously, the breast method is not enough to break a roof tile as it is biologically impossible. It’s not even enough to leave a dent on the top most kawara. So Kamiya came to the realization that she might need another body part to make sure the job gets done.
Well, I guess I should be doing this with my butt instead of my boobs, she said in the video, as translated by SoraNews24.

The decision to just plop plop her butt down on the stack of tiles proved to be quite effective as it broke several of the kawara, even though it looked staged.
Featured Image via YouTube / Kamiya Erina
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