Japanese Idol Singer is Holding a Concert for a 55-Year-Old Fan Who Died Alone

Japanese Idol Singer is Holding a Concert for a 55-Year-Old Fan Who Died Alone
Carl Samson
March 22, 2018
A Japanese idol singer is paying tribute to a loyal fan who followed her for years and died alone.
Emi Arisaka, 31, had known Okkyan, 55, after attending nearly all of her concerts.
For some reason, Okkyan stopped coming to her live performances sometime in 2017, so she started worrying.
Arisaka searched for information online and found that Okkyan had also stopped updating his social media, which only bothered her more.
Eventually, she figured out his address and decided to check on him.
But just as Arisaka arrived, Okkyan’s neighbors informed her that the 55-year-old passed away after battling a heart condition.
As it turned out, he was hospitalized for aortic dissection, a serious condition in which a tear in the aorta causes blood to flow in between its layers. This can lead to rupture of the blood vessel or diminished blood flow to the body.
Okkyan died in August. Unfortunately, he had no family members or friends who mourned him.
The news shocked Arisaka, who then wrote on her blog, “It’s just too sad for the deceased not to have people get together to remember them.”
So in memory of her loyal fan, the singer is holding a concert in his name.
Arisaka invited fans in a tweet with a poster that reads, “Okkyan, wait for us in heaven.”
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As per SoraNews24, the event will be held on April 11 at the Hatsudai Doors music club in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Flowered Gem, another of Okkyan’s idols, will also be performing after Arisaka’s invitation.
Check out her latest song:

Images via YouTube / arisaka_emi
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