Japanese Idol Singer Asks Fans to Use Deodorant Before Meeting Her

Japanese Idol Singer Asks Fans to Use Deodorant Before Meeting HerJapanese Idol Singer Asks Fans to Use Deodorant Before Meeting Her
Ryan General
August 29, 2017
Fans of a popular idol group in Japan who intend to get up close and personal with the lovely ladies at press events now need something else besides a backstage pass: deodorant.
In preparation for their upcoming meet-and-greet handshake events, SKE48 member Kaori Matsumura (aka “Kao-tan”) made an early appeal for the group’s fans to have better hygiene.
The request comes as Japan continues to experience intense heat that could reach as high as 36 degrees Celsius (96.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in Tokyo.
In response to Matsumura’s request, organizers set up free deodorant sprays and body wipe sheets during SKE48’s meet-and-greet event last Saturday. The group is currently on tour promoting their 2017 summer single “Igai ni Mango”.
According to Soranews24, Matsumura earlier suggested that the group’s sweaty fans can use the toiletry brands CBIC and Shiseido; however, Mandom, the company that makes Gatsby’s men’s hygiene products, eagerly provided the needed supplies, including 48,000 body wipes.
The free items, which were distributed at a booth set up for the event, were announced via the group’s official Twitter account: “Those of you lining up for handshakes, give yourself a wipe and a spray”.
Fans welcomed the gesture and expressed their gratitude online:
“Handshake events often confiscate spray bottles when they check your bags, so having deodorant on hand for fans like this is a big help,” a netizen wrote.
“I got some spray and used it as soon as I arrived at the event,” another fan stated.
“Kao-tan is amazing, She’s got the power to make large corporations spring into action,” an elated fan commented.
“If they’d sold the deodorant in special mango-colored packages, they probably could’ve made a ton of money,” said another fan who thought the sponsor lost a money-making opportunity.
Perhaps Kao-tan’s humble request will set a precedent for press events in the future.
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