Japanese Idol Reveals Disturbing Details About Getting Stuffed Animal Gifts From Fans

Japanes idol singer Kaori Matsumura revealed she has received several gifts from her fans, from innocent stuffed toys to plushies, but some of them may not be as innocent as one might think.

Matsumura, who is a member of the idol girl group SKE48, admitted during her guest appearance on Ogiyahagi no Busu TV that she deliberately hits the stuffed toys at times for security reasons.

“I always hit the stuffed animals many times, and shake them violently to make sure there’s no device hidden inside,” she said, according to SoraNews24.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Polimerek (CC BY-SA 3.0)

However, audio/video recording devices hidden inside stuffed toys are not the only thing Japanese idol singers have to be concerned about when receiving gifts from their fans. As disgusting as it may sound, some toys that Matsumura have received appear to have been “used” in some way.

Sometimes the stuffed animals have stains on them…Like, whitish-colored stains,” the 27-year-old Japanese singer said.

After this revelation, it’s obvious that she needs to wear protective gear for the next time she inspects gifts from her fans.

Featured Image via YouTube / AKB48

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