Japanese Idol Reveals She’s Having a Baby With Her Manager, Fans Feel ‘Betrayed’

Japanese Idol Reveals She’s Having a Baby With Her Manager, Fans Feel ‘Betrayed’Japanese Idol Reveals She’s Having a Baby With Her Manager, Fans Feel ‘Betrayed’
Bryan Ke
January 5, 2018
Many fans of Japanese idol singer Asuka Kiraboshi felt betrayed by the recent announcement of her pregnancy, and that she is in a two-year relationship with her manager.
The 18-year-old singer broke the highly controversial news to her fans in late December on her Twitter and Japanese blog Ameblo, according to SoraNews24.
I’m sure this comes as a big surprise to many of you! I think that some of you will no longer be interested in me, but I have no intention of stopping my career, and from now on, I’ll be doing my best with my baby inside my stomach,” she wrote.
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Kiraboshi mostly appeared in venues around Tokyo with the relatively unknown idol group Star-Bright until October of last year, reports Anime News Network. Despite the news, the singer said that she won’t quit being an entertainer, and will continue to work hard.
Unfortunately, the announcement wasn’t as positive for some of her fans, who replied negatively on social media. Some of them wrote:
“I’m so disappointed. And with her manager, of all people? That’s the absolute worst. Well, I’m done being her fan, but here’s hoping for a happy future for her.”
“I’m no longer a fan. Sleeping with your manager and having a kid is an insult to your fans.”
“If they were amateurs, it’d be a different story, but neither of them has the right to call themselves professionals.”
“Betraying your fans like that, to put it mildly, was stupid. Way too rude.”
“What is she thinking, not even taking care of the few fans she has? Does she think her fans are stupid?”
“Her manager should quit immediately.”
Kiraboshi later took to social media to gently fight back by saying, “A lot of people have been calling me ugly or uncute, or that I’m a bad singer. If you have a complaint, please come to my next concert,” following with, “If you have a complaint, let’s talk about it face-to-face.”
Other fans, however, were not really too bothered by her pregnancy announcement. They even congratulated the singer and wished her the best.
“Well, good luck you too (not my problem).”
“No undoing what you did, but here’s hoping your baby is happy and healthy.”
“It’s life a real-life eroge [erotic video game]!”
Meanwhile, Kiraboshi’s 22-year-old manager expressed his sincerest apologies for “betraying” those who have supported the singer, stating, What I did was a betrayal of the people who have supported [Kiraboshi], and I realize I have done something I shouldn’t have.”
He added that he will strive to become the best manager to Kiraboshi as well as the best father for their child. In a message posted on the singer’s blog, he wrote, While I want to apologize to her fans, I also feel happy [about becoming a father]…Taking everyone’s opinions into account, I will devote myself to becoming the world’s best manager and father.”
There is no official word yet about when the two will tie the knot, but Kiraboshi is expecting to deliver her baby on June 18. She would also have to stop holding live performances after Jan. 18.
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