Japanese Iaido Master Cuts a 200 Mile-Per-Hour BB Pellet With a Katana

If there’s a triad of skills humanity can take in the name of survival, it has to be the precise combination of accuracy, concentration and speed.

At least, that’s what Japanese Iaido master Isao Machii has been showing us through the years.

Isao Machii. Image via YouTube / Guinness World Records

Machii, 44, holds several Guinness World Records for his superb katana skills, including “Most martial arts katana cuts to one mat,” “Fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts” and “Fastest tennis ball (820 km/h) cut by sword,” to name three.

But recently, his video of cutting a BB gun pellet from 2011 made rounds on the internet again, reminding us that adversity can strike any moment — and it pays to be ready.

Image via YouTube / kinsei1560

As seen in the video, a man fires the BB gun in Machii’s direction before the Iaido master cuts it in milliseconds.

Image via YouTube / kinsei1560

The bullet reportedly traveled 200 miles an hour and was fired 70 feet from his position.

Image via YouTube / kinsei1560

A slow-motion revealed the epicness of the scene, which won Machii “Fastest BB pellet cut by sword.”

Image via YouTube / kinsei1560

Viewers commented:

“I think he’s gonna survive the Zombie Apocalypse, and if he doesn’t, we are all doomed lol.”

Genji is that you?”

“He could only do it because he’s already awoken his sharingan.”

“Could you imagine if this guy played baseball?”

“What anime is this?”

Image via YouTube / Guinness World Records

Interestingly, Machii only seems to get better with time. Last year, he set the record for “Most martial arts sword cuts in one minute.”

“I see Guinness World Records as a way of securing my legacy … a great way for me to have my name go down in history around the world,” he told Guinness.

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