Japanese Husband Spends $108,000 of Wife’s Money on Gaming, Wife Asks Internet If She Should Divorce

A Japanese woman is on the fence for whether she should file divorce from her husband after he spent approximately $108,000 on mobile games.

SoraNews24 reported that the woman sought the opinion of netizens on whether she should get back at her husband and get a divorce after he spent thousands to fund his mobile game addiction.

It was found out that the woman received around $71,000 after her mother and sister passed away. She ended up depositing the money to their bank, together with what they already saved. In total, they had $108,000 in the bank but also have children to leave some money for.

However, the wife was distraught to find out that all their savings went in the drain after her husband spent their savings to splurge on mobile games that rely on in-game purchases to avail special weapons.

Many netizens voiced their opinions saying that she should divorce her husband and make him pay for the money he wasted.

According to the news, the husband spent $3,600 per month on his games, but somehow she didn’t even know that her husband played games.

The wife was only able to find out that their money was all gone after she checked two and a half years after her mother and sister passed away.

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