Japanese Huggy Pillow for the Ladies Will Surely Make Someone’s Night a Bit Warmer

Social media users are going crazy over a new Japanese hug pillow modeled after a male torso with toned pecs and full six-pack abs.

Oppai Pillow” was created by Shirane, who recently graduated from the Ochanomizu Institute of Art in Tokyo, Japan, according to Nijimen as translated by SoraNews24.

It started as a simple graduation project, but guests at the graduation immediately told the student that they were willing to buy one for themselves.

Shirane could not meet all the demands for her business after graduating, so she launched a crowdfunding campaign to help reach her goal.

To everyone’s surprise, the Motion-Gallery campaign proved to be a massive hit. It was originally set for a 450,000 yen ($4,200) goal. but the amount collected is now at a whopping 854,000 yen ($8,078) as of this writing.

Those who would like to order the “Oppai Pillow,” which costs 10,000 yen ($93) per pillow, still have 54 days left.

The pillow is reportedly marketed as an iyashi item, which supposedly helps heal “emotional distress and soothe the soul.”

However, it is unclear what type of materials — feathers or cotton — Shirane uses as stuffing for the pillow. Regardless of what’s inside it, people are really eager to purchase one for themselves.

No official word yet on a release date, but the crowdfunding page says that backers can expect the delivery sometime in October.

Featured Image via Motion Gallery

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