Japanese Hot Spring With Sexy Men is An Absolute Thirst Trap

Khier Casino
April 26, 2017
The men of Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan are apparently just as steamy as the hot springs found in the region.
Located on the far eastern coast of the island of Honshu, Ibakira TV has released promotional videos of the prefecture’s various onsen, the bathing facilities and small traditional inns featuring semi-naked guys pouring hot water on their chiseled bods.
Shot in gorgeous 4K resolution, the three videos in the series, called the Ibaraki Onsen File, show hot springs at Ibaraki’s Isohara Seaside Hotel, Marumitsu Ryokan, and Yu No Sawa Spa, according to RocketNews24.
We’re certainly not complaining. Check out the Isohara Seaside Hotel below:
Exquisite men and hot springs can be relaxing, but this is your chance to douse yourself in cold water before continuing on to the second video, which introduces more bathing options at Marumitsu Ryokan.

The waterproof tatami flooring and waterside reading nook are marvelous features, but it’s hard not to admire those sweet washboard abs.
And if the flesh-tone underwear wasn’t enough, the final video shows a hunky bather who can’t help but do push-ups on the rocks of the 150-year-old Yu No Sawa Spa.
There are plenty more onsen areas, including Daigo, Kitaibaraki and Mt. Tsukuba, so we can’t wait to see which hot (muscle men) springs Ibaraki Prefecture will feature next.
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