Japanese High School Students Grow Chickens in Plastic Cups For the First Time Ever

A science experiment conducted by a group of Japanese high school students revealed how one can grow a chicken from an egg even without its shell.

This Japanese girl is not cooking.

In a video from a Japanese TV show posted on YouTube, a teacher and the group of teenage students from Chiba, Japan, used cling wraps and some plastic cups to demonstrate the development of the chicks in the course of over 21 days, Daily Mail reported.

The setup also included placing a special solution to aid the development of the chicken before placing them in the incubator.

The development of the embryo was carefully observed throughout the video, slowly revealing how the chicken lifeform was developed over time. From the forming of the initial veins up to the growth of the tiny limbs and beak, the video illustrated important stages of development.

Day 5

By day 21, a baby chick was seen already completely formed. Next shot of the footage showed a live chick running around in the lab.

The impressive technique used by the Japanese students in the video is similar to the method described in a 1993 US biology textbook where Dr Cynthia Fisher explained how such an experiment can be conducted.


The methodology was also previously published in Japan via a scientific journal called Journal of Poultry Science.

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