Are Japanese Women Putting This Product Up Their Nose to Look More White?

There is a Japanese product for women who want to get a nose “lift,” but don’t want to go under the knife.

Bibico, a company based in Tokyo, is responsible for designing the “Hanaputti” or “Petite Nose.” The product enhances the appearance of a nose making it appear taller, slimmer and pointier without the use of plastic surgery.

The high-bridge nose effect is made possible with nose inserts that are easily placed inside the nasal cavity.

According to Rocketnews24, Hanaputti was designed especially for Japanese nostrils. Other similar products on the market have often caused Japanese consumers pain.

Hanaputti nose inserts are available in small and medium sizes. Two boxes are priced on the website at 1,620 yen, or about $16.

New users are recommended the small size to start off with.

The medium size exaggerates the slim nose appearance.  Wearers can upgrade to the medium after they’ve become familiar with the product.

A number of customers use the petite nose as part of their costumes as manga and anime characters in cosplay.

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